Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is provided in a variety of ways at Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church (MAPC). Our three pastors are available for pastoral conversations when members and friends of the church are struggling with difficult life situations or wrestling with faith questions and dilemmas. The pastors also visit and reach out to members who are hospitalized, ill or who have suffered a recent loss. If you would like to speak with a pastor, call and make an appointment. They will do their best to see you as soon as possible.

MAPC also has a very active, strong Board of 30 Deacons who have relationships with our older members, many of whom are homebound or unable to get to church easily. In partnership with the MAPC Christian Education Committee, Deacons also reach out to families with newborns and toddlers and stay in touch with our college and boarding school students. Our Deacons provide compassionate support and listening ears to many MAPC members.

Intercessory prayer is another aspect of pastoral care at MAPC. The pastoral staff maintains a prayer list with the prayer requests of members and friends. In addition to the pastoral staff, a small group of MAPC members form an Intercessory Prayer Group and pray for those on the prayer list. This ensures that those who are hospitalized, struggling with illnesses, in hospice care, bereaved, or facing other challenges in their lives are prayed for daily.

The Rev. Dr. Richard W. Shoup is a Pastoral Counselor “in residence” at MAPC. Dr. Shoup is a retired Presbyterian minister who is also a psychotherapist, licensed in the State of New York. He maintains an office at MAPC and is here once-a-week to provide longer-term, more in-depth counseling for those seeking it, and accepts various insurance plans to cover his fees, which are established on a sliding scale according to one’s income.